Alyssa Zamouri

Project Manager - Business Unit Middle East & North Africa

I hold a Bachelor's degree in EU Studies with a minor in Conflict Studies from the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Master of Peace and Conflict with a specialization in Gender and Human Rights from University College Dublin. My academic journey has fueled my passion for understanding and addressing complex issues surrounding gender dynamics, transitional justice, migration, conflict and fragility, and peacebuilding.

Currently, I'm involved in projects within the MENA region at VNG International. This role allows me to apply my academic knowledge to real-world challenges, contributing to sustainable peace and social justice in the region. My commitment to making a positive impact and my diverse academic background enable me to approach projects with a comprehensive understanding and a dedication to meaningful change.

"Real change starts at the grassroots. Local communities are the backbone of progress, where small actions lead to big transformations."