Aug 15, 2019

European Commission grants San José Metropolitan Area project for sustainable urban mobility

MUEVE -Movilidad Sostenible, Urbanismo, Equipamiento, Valoración del Espacio Público, y Enverdecimiento y Equidad – is a five year partnership between Costa Rican and European local authorities to support regional integrated mobility planning in all areas where the metropolitan electric train is planned to be crossing.

Today the First Lady of Costa Rica, Ms. Claudia Dobles Camargo and Ambassador and head of Delegation of the European Union in Costa Rica, Mr. Pelayo Castro Zuzuarregui signed the agreement to support urban planning to strengthen the electric train project.

The National Union of Local Governments (UNGL) and National Association of Mayors and Vice-Mayors (ANAI) in Costa Rica, together with Fomento de San Sebastián (Spain) and The Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG) were awarded the project under the “Local Authorities: Partnerships for Sustainable Cities’ Programme of the EC, together with around 15 other projects worldwide.

The project aims to improve urban governance, the inclusion of vulnerable inhabitants and gender equality in mobility planning, economic development and smart city innovation in the project area and to contribute to environmental quality and resilience in crowded urban areas. With a partnership approach and peer-to-peer learning and exchange activities this projects aims to contribute to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities) and furthermore SDG 5, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, and 17.

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