Country Algeria
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 October, 2019 till 31 December, 2021
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Institutional development
Local economic development
Inter-municipal co-operation
Intergovernmental relations
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Algeria
Project code 11416
The overall objective of the project is to support Algeria in the context of the new deconcentration-decentralisation process and its integrated territorial development approach. With this Shiraka project presented here, we are making a modest first step towards achieving this goal.

Specific Objectives:
• Bilateral cooperation on local governance between the Netherlands and Algeria is strengthened.
• Mechanisms for dialogue and exchange between territorial authorities and the national government in Algeria are put in place and institutionalised as the first step in public administration reforms.
• Local economic development is at the heart of the collaboration between the territoral authorities and the national government.