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    ASPIRE AC April 2019
    ASPIRE LED April 2019
    IDEAL Somaliland membership expansion 2019

Improving infrastructure by talking a lot (and drawing a bit)

20 Jun - By Irene Oostveen
Can you have an impact on investments in infrastructure by investing in people? And what role do urban governments play in this? Those were the central questions at the DEALS expert learning meeting…
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End Conference of Libyan Local Governance and Stabilisation Programme

14 Jun - By Karim Boussak
VNG International and CILG have successfully organized the End Conference of the Libyan Local Governance and Stabilisation Programme (LGSP) titled “Efficient Municipalities for Prosperous Cities” in…
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ASPIRE Advisory Committee

12 Jun - By Maxime Smeets
The ASPIRE Advisory Committee met for the first time in Hargeisa on the 6th of April 2019. The Committee has discussed the program’s achievements of 2018 and the 2019/2020 activity plan. Moreover new…
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Berbera takes LED action

12 Jun - By Maxime Smeets
Between 2 and 4 April 2019 the Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland (ALGASL) organized an Inclusive Local Economic Development Workshop for Local Political Leadership which took…
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ALGASL represents all Somaliland districts

12 Jun - By Maxime Smeets
On 24 and 25 March 2019 ALGASL conducted a membership expansion workshop in Lascaanood for the six remaining non-member districts located in the far-east of Somaliland (Dhahar, Badhan, Xudun,…
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