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Committed to strengthening democratic local government world-wide 

VNG International supports decentralisation processes and facilitates decentralised cooperation. We provide capacity building services to strengthen local governments, their associations, training institutes and decentralisation task forces both in developing countries and countries in transition. We build on existing experience, with high quality services such as benchmarks, tools for tax collection and handbooks. VNG International is the international cooperation agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities. Read our blog ›

Latest News

The municipalities of Nijmegen, Breda and Leeuwarden were honoured at VNG’s office on...

On the 4th of March, VNG International launched the Matra CoPROL Leadership Programme for...


Leaderhip for security and rule of law. NL Min Foreign Affairs, € 2,1 M

Social Accountability and basic public service delivery. World Bank Grant Scheme
Empowering local governments in 79 countries for development dialogue. EU: € 5.1 mln.
Post-earthquake reconstruction of waste and water in four Haitian municipalities. Donations and aid...
Awareness-raising for MDGs in 150 Dutch Millennium Municipalities. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
Cooperation between 170 decentralised authorities in EU and ENPI. EU: €2.9 mln. 
Decentralised cooperation with nine developing countries Dutch min. foreign affairs: 22.5 mln.
Capacity development for rental housing in South Africa Dutch Min. of the Interior: €1.5 mln
Peer to peer learning. Comparative performance measurement. Price varies.