Country World
Region World wide
Duration Start 1 January, 2021 till 31 December, 2023
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Post-conflict reconstruction
Partners SALGA, South African Local Government Association
PAX for Peace
UCLG, PAX, The Hague, Provincial Council of Barcelona
Funding Gemeente Den Haag
Project code 11437
The general scope for the Prize is to reward innovative activities and initiatives that support conflict prevention, peace-building, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.
The role of local governments worldwide in preventing and resolving conflicts remains underexposed, underestimated and unknown. While international attention for conflict situations is increasing, little attention is given to the local context of such conflicts. Focus is put on national or international measures needed to prevent and resolve conflicts, while local governments are usually at the roots of the conflict, and deal with the consequences directly and on a daily basis: local governments can address causes of the conflict, through education, culture and inclusion. They need to promote social cohesion and dialogue in their communities, in order to work towards peaceful coexistence. Furthermore, in a situation of conflict, local governments are confronted with refugee influxes and with the need to continue to deliver services and facilities amidst the chaos.

Especially in fragile states, local government is usually the only visible form of government to citizens and the only government delivering public services. Even though the challenges and tension that local governments face in such areas are the consequences of broader conflicts that transcend the local situation, local governments can play an important role in stabilizing the situation and preventing escalation.

The specific objectives
1. To achieve (increased) recognition and visibility for the role of local governments in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation
2. To foster and facilitate exchange and learning on innovative approaches by local governments in this field

The expected results of the project are:
The UCLG Peace Prize is not an end in itself. The Prize has been created to support the further recognition of local governments'' role in peacebuilding and in ensuring exchange and learning between local governments on this issue. Therefore, the activities implemented by the UCLG Peace Prize Secretariat are not only focused on organizing an award ceremony and handing out a prize, but rather have placed the Peace Prize as a central element in broader work programme of policy development, exposure and learning.