Jun 22, 2022


VNG International’s Annual Update 2022 is now available.

“2Annual Update 2022022 marks a big change for VNG International, but ‘continuity’ is a key word too.”  Those are the opening words in our Annual Update 2022, followed by a dialogue between outgoing VNG International Director Peter Knip and his successor Pieter Jeroense.

VNG International’s mission ‘Building Better Futures, by strengthening democratic local government worldwide’ remains relevant as ever, with peace and democracy under attack, basic needs of large numbers of people threatened, and sustainable development a continuing challenge.

Our Annual Update provides an overview of the projects we have been implementing over the last 12 months, a number of featured projects and their results, the way in which we contributed to policy developments in our field of work, and some key facts and figures about the organisation, including a link to our financial report 2021.

We welcome your feedback.

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