Country World
Region World wide
Duration Start 1 October, 2022 till 30 September, 2026
Field of expertise Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities
Policy field(s) Smart City / Urban planning
Waste Management
Water Management
Social affairs
Partners DAI Global Austria GmbH & Co KG(ex-Human Dynamics)
ICLEI Europe, Local Governments for Sustainability
The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
Funding European Commission - DG INTPA ex-EuropeAid
Project code 11463
The overall objective (Impact) to which this action contributes is: “To support the global transition to inclusive, climate-neutral, resilient, equitable and sustainable
development pathways”. This contract will focus on the urban dimension of this transition.

The specific objective of this contract is as follows: To deliver high-level technical assistance and policy advice in order to “Improve the quality and impact of DG INTPA interventions in urban development at local, regional and global level.” In close collaboration with INTPA F4 (thematic unit on sustainable urban development) towards advancing sustainable urban development (including sustainable finance and inclusive economic development) and urban actions against climate change and inequality.

The expected outputs of this contract are as follows:
O1 - Dialogue, identification, formulation and delivery of EU urban development related actions are improved.
O2 - Knowledge on sustainable urban development is created and shared within the EU Commission, development partners and partner countries.
O3 - An EU Platform (forum) for greater coordination and alignment on sustainable urban
development is supported

For each mission or specific task, the Contracting Authority will define specific deliverables, expected outputs and outcomes.