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The wider objective of the project was to strengthen public financial management at central, state and local level.<br />
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The specific objective of the program was to increase the capacity of local governments to implement and execute existing policies and directives in the fields of payroll and PFM in all 10 states of South Sudan.<br />
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The expected results of the project were:<br />
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IDEAL (Inclusive Decisions At Local Level) is a programme by VNG International implemented in seven countries facing fragility or conflict: Burundi, Mali, Palestine, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda. Despite the diverging contexts and topics in the IDEAL programme, we still pursue one common overall objective: “Involving citizens in local governance in order for local authorities to better deal with fragility risks.

To guard this objective, each of the seven country programmes is centred around the same three outcomes:

Objective: To strengthen the capacity of local authorities to provide sustainable water and sanitation services (WASH)<br />
Target group: Civil servants at 2 state ministries and in 2 counties in the state of Eastern Equatoria<br />
Intended result: Increased capability of state and county authorities to develop, implement WASH policies and strategies and manage related services for local communities<br />
Activities: Workshops, trainings, on-the-job coaching, study visits<br />
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Local governments in developing countries play an increasing role in stimulating and facilitating economic and social development. Not only are citizens demanding better government services; central governments are delegating ever more tasks to local governments' duties. One can think of clean streets, clean drinking water, working sewers, a valid title deed registration system, support in setting up businesses. Local administrators are not always well equipped to properly fulfil this role. <br />
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