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Despite global progress in fighting poverty there are problems of inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, conflict, migration and refugee flows. The need has never been greater to develop to balance prosperity with social well-being and environmental protection. Several international conferences in 2015 set out new global agendas to deal with these challenges. There is global recognition that local governments have a significant role in implementing the agreed agendas with other state and non-state organisations.

The main objective of the project is the implementation of the institutional framework and the provisions of the Code Foncier et Domanial (Private and State-owned Land Code) for the purpose of integrated land management at the local level. <br />
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The specific objectives of this project are about supporting the municipalities in experimenting the envisioned legal framework of the CFD through:<br />
• The set-up of the local land management bodies<br />

Objective: Local Economic Development on the basis of agriculture and food security<br />
Target group: 21 local governments in 3 districts, local government association ANCB and 3 regional associations<br />
Intended result: Local governments will be able to promote agricultural entrepreneurship<br />
Activities: Benchmark project, workshops, training and on-the-job coaching<br />
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