Overall objectives of the contract are: <br />
- Strengthening the contribution by European local and regional governments to European development policy and global development agenda; <br />
- Increasing the efficiency of decentralised cooperation through supporting exchanges and peer-learning among EU local and regional government cooperation actors and with their peers in partner countries;<br />

The project focuses on the following pillars:<br />
1) Information provision and services<br />
2) Exchange of knowledge, experience and insights<br />
3) Representation and advocacy<br />
4) Management and communication <br />
5) Representation within the UCLG and the Council of Europe<br />
<br />
1) Efficient and targeted advice and information provision to all Dutch municipalities at both official and administrative level, on priority themes within the international domain;<br />

The wider objective of the Capacity and Instituition Building (CIB) Working Group was to advance the effectiveness and quality of international policies and programs of local and regional governments and their associations. The CIB achieved its purpose by exchanging knowledge and information, enabling coordination and cooperation among its members and within UCLG.<br />
<br />
The specific objectives of 2018 – 2020 were:<br />

The general scope for the Prize is to reward innovative activities and initiatives that support conflict prevention, peace-building, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.<br />

Despite global progress in fighting poverty there are problems of inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, conflict, migration and refugee flows. The need has never been greater to develop to balance prosperity with social well-being and environmental protection. Several international conferences in 2015 set out new global agendas to deal with these challenges. There is global recognition that local governments have a significant role in implementing the agreed agendas with other state and non-state organisations.<br />

IDEAL (Inclusive Decisions At Local Level) is a programme by VNG International implemented in seven countries facing fragility or conflict: Burundi, Mali, Palestine, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda. Despite the diverging contexts and topics in the IDEAL programme, we still pursue one common overall objective: “Involving citizens in local governance in order for local authorities to better deal with fragility risks. <br />
<br />
To guard this objective, each of the seven country programmes is centred around the same three outcomes:<br />