The Strategic Partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and VNG International is 5-year programme, focused on 4 thematic priorities: Security & Rule of Law, Migration, Local Revenue Mobilisation, and Integrated Water Management. This programme, called the Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance (SDLG) programme, is currently being implemented in 9 countries (Burundi, Mali, Palestina, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Iraq, and Mozambique).
Despite the diverging contexts and themes, the SDLG programme pursues one overall objective: To empower local governments and their representative bodies to shape a more sustainable future for their communities.

Each thematic area has its own thematic objective:
* Security & Rule of Law: Local governments and community groups are able to address conflict drivers in a non-violent and inclusive manner. Countries: Burundi, Mali, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda.
* Migration: Local governments are able to shape better futures for host and displaced communities within their territories. Countries: Iraq, Uganda.
* Local Revenue Mobilisation: Local governments in (lower) middle income countries are able to catalyse local economic development by generating revenue for public investment. Countries: Mozambique, Uganda.
* Integrated Water Management: Local governments and their representative bodies are able to deliver on their agreements and execute policies to manage healthy, safe and social equal lives for all on lands with climate and water-related risks, is to achieve water security and water safety for people and ecosystems as well as climate mitigation and adaptation. Countries: TBD.

In addition to these thematic objectives, each country also has its specific objective, which are as follows:

Burundi: To empower citizens to be better informed and claim accountability to engage inclusive decision-making in the communes in Cibitoke and Makamba.
Mali: Local authorities are able to address drivers of conflict in a nonviolent and inclusive manner. In particular in the region of Segou, Mopti & Sonrou.
Palestine: Achieving legitimate stability and sustainable peace in conflict-affected states.
Somalia: Local authorities and youth in Garowe and Quardho jointly promote inclusive local economic development.
South Sudan: Improve self-reliance of communities in Eastern Equatoria to effectively prevent and resolve water-related conflict in a non-violent and inclusive manner.
Uganda: More sustainable development in 9 local governments in Uganda, for those in fear of conflict, those who risk being left behind, and affected host and displaced communities.

Iraq: To improve responsiveness by Iraqi subnational governments and local service provision departments to host and displaced communities' needs in adaptable service solutions.
Mozambique: The overall objective of SDLG Mozambique is that local authorities can catalyse economic development by generating revenue for public investment. First in the city of Beira, later possibly also in other cities in Mozambique.

The beneficiaries of the programme are targeted local governments and local government associations in the 9 countries. In many country programmes, specific CSO groups are also targeted.