Country Palestine
Region Middle East
Duration Start 1 February, 2018 till 1 February, 2021
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Institutional development
Institutional development
Community development
Funding European Commission
Project code 11380
The wider objective of the project is to enhance Palestinian Local Authorities' contribution to governance and development processes in Area C, as a precondition for more equitable, open and democratic society.

The specific objectives:
1. Strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of the Palestinian Local Authority Association (APLA);
2. Enable APLA advocate for and lobby on issues related to Area C on behalf of its members (Local Authorities -LAs);
3. Improve the capacity of Khalet Al Mayya Cluster LAs' capacities in providing services, in promoting local development and in contributing to the territorial integration are enhanced.

The achieved results of the project are:
R1: A stronger and effective APLA; the institutional setup and organizational capacity of APLA are improved to carry its mandate and promote the interest and needs of LAs; Improved image of APLA and more efficient communication with its stakeholders;
R2: APLA has a functioning “Area C Technical Support Unit” to support LAs; The mandate of “Area C Unit” is identified and agreed upon with stakeholders; A sustainable “Area C Unit” is established and equipped under the umbrella of APLA; Work plan to support LAs in Area C is developed and activated; Legal, advocacy, and lobbying activities relevant to Area C are piloted.
R3: LAs in Khalet Al Mayya Cluster have the administrative, planning, and financial capacity to provide efficient and effective services to citizens; needs assessment completed and communities priorities are identified in in a participatory and inclusive manner; capacity building and institutional development support are provided to the 7 LAs; Integrated physical (outline) and strategic plans are developed for the cluster based on a Territorial approach to Local Development (TALD); Realistic and “hanging fruits” economic development opportunities are identified
and utilized based on a Local Economic Development (LED) Plan.

This program was implemented in cooperation with APLA.