The wider objective of the project is increased institutional capacity to foster participation of women in decision-making in Libya especially on municipal level.

The specific objectives are:
A.1) To support the Libyan Women Elected Officials Network to enhance its leadership position as a meaningful actor towards more gender sensitive policies and more representation of women.
A.2) To support the Libyan Ministry of Women's Affairs to fulfil its mandate to strengthen gender mainstreaming across all governmental policies and strategies through concrete actions

The expected results of the project are:
A.1.1 Capacity development of the WEON board
A.1.2 Institutional development of WEON and establishing management systems, including an action subgrant
A.1.3 Capacity development of WEON members (mostly municipal councilors) through Training-of-Trainers and regional training hubs
A.1.4 Developing an effective internal and institutional communication system
A.1.5 Supporting WEON in implementing its advocacy strategy and plan in order to participate in public debate on women's political participation and gender mainstreaming

A.2.1 Institutional and management development of the Ministry of Women Affairs
A.2.2 Capacity development of MoWA staff
A.2.3 Facilitating peer-to-peer exchange for the MoWA with regional and international peers
A.2.4 Support institutionalization of women's training centres in 8 municipalities based on developed national policy by MoWA
A.2.5 Support MoWA in developing an inclusive national outreach strategy with a focus on marginalized and young women through pilot dialogues
A.2.6 Assist MoWA to lead policy review and dialogue on women participation and gender mainstreaming policies with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders
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