Country Zimbabwe
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 March, 2018 till 1 March, 2021
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Public finance
Intergovernmental relations
Inter-municipal co-operation
Funding Delegation of the European Union to Zimbabwe
Project code 11387

• LACEP II is working to ensure effective, efficient and participatory development at the local level in Zimbabwe by making sure service delivery by the LAs is more inclusive, gender responsive and pro-poor focused.

• LACEP II will be working with LAs on their financial management systems to help them to improve on the transparency and clarity of their budgets so as to make them accountable to the public.
• LACEP II will be working with the ALAs to strengthen their capacity so as to facilitate an enabling environment for local government.
• The new administration has sent a clear message for collaboration, LACEP II will support other relevant initiatives in the field of LA capacity building in the South Western region of Zimbabwe.

• Public finance management is improved in 5 target Local Authorities
• Improved revenue systems in 5 target LAs
• One specific service is improved in each of the 5 target LAs
• Improved performance of ALAs to play their representation and co-ordination role to assist LAs in engaging in the formulation of national / sector policies affecting the local level
• The implementation of the Service Level Benchmark is supported
• The implementation of a councilors induction program is supported
The project is set up and implemented in coordination with CLGF.

The LACEPII programme is implemented in collaboration with Municipal Development Partnership (MDP), the Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe (ARDCZ) and the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ).