The wider objective of the project is to ensure a meaningful contribution of the Dutch local representatives in the international umbrella organization of United Cities and Local Governments, and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

The specific objectives are to:
1. provide technical support to the Dutch delegation in UCLG
2. provide technical support to the Dutch municipal representatives in the Congress and to ensure the secretariat of the Congress delegation in the VNG Committee on European and international affairs
3. to create links with the VNG departments and VNG International to ensure that the priorities of the VNG are sufficiently integrated in international positions.

The expected results of the project are:
(i) As a result of efficient technical support, the Dutch representatives have been able to contribute to the promotion of good governance, local and regional democracy and human rights in their own country and abroad.
(ii) As a result of the technical support from VNG, the network of local politicians of human rights has further expanded and has promoted the added value of explicity using human rights in local policy.
(iii) Throuhg improved information sharing, VNG is better acquainted with the work of UCLG and the Congress and the work of the Dutch representatives herein and uses international experiences for domestic lobby and advocacy.
(iv) Throug himproved communication, Dutch municipalities are regularly informed about international developments from UCLG and the Congress.