Apr 25, 2023 - Ethiopia

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Ethiopia Civic Engagement Activity is a four-year program designed to strengthen civic and community-based actors’ abilities to engage in policy analysis, advocacy, dialogue and collective action for peaceful, democratic change. The US$21 million programme has been awarded to Creative Associates International and its consortium of local, regional and international partners, comprised of VNG International and the Centre for International Private Enterprise.

The programme supports civil society to play a vital role in shaping Ethiopia’s future by pressing for inclusive governance, contributing to the peaceful resolution of the country’s complex conflicts and representing the diverse groups. It aims to foster multi-stakeholder civic partnerships and in this, builds on VNG International’s experience working on Social Accountability from 2012 to date through the ESAP programme, which will end in 2024.

“This is a great acknowledgement of the work of VNG International on Social Accountability and good governance in general in Ethiopia. It allows us to continue to promote inclusive dialogue, respect for human rights, and more effective, citizen-responsive, and accountable governance in Ethiopia,” says Bo Altena, Project director for the Ethiopia Social Accountability Programme.

The USAID Civic Engagement programme will create up to 20 clusters in key parts of Ethiopia which will promote issue-based partnerships and inclusive dialogue that leads to improved governance. An important partner is the Ethiopian Civil Society Organization Council, a membership based organization that represents and supports CSO’s in Ethiopia.

Winning this contract is a further boost to the global partnership that VNG International and Creative Associates International from the US have recently formed. The global partnership will leverage the complimentary expertise of the two organizations in key geographic regions.


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