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The wider objective of the project was to enhance the participation of Local Authorities (LAs) and Association of Local Authorities (ALA) in Zimbabwe's public policies and programs as a way of contributing to a more equitable, open and democratic society.<br />
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The specific objectives were threefold:<br />
1. To assist CLGF to develop and support the realignment and reform of legislation and regulations in line with the devolution provisions<br />

Impact.<br />
• LACEP II is working to ensure effective, efficient and participatory development at the local level in Zimbabwe by making sure service delivery by the LAs is more inclusive, gender responsive and pro-poor focused. <br />
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Outcomes:<br />
• LACEP II will be working with LAs on their financial management systems to help them to improve on the transparency and clarity of their budgets so as to make them accountable to the public. <br />