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This project develops and promotes a Procedural Participation method in Turkey. It will activate the existing public participation procedures in the strategic planning and decision making process of three Turkish municipalities. It will bring together active members of the Citizen Assemblies, elected Councillors and municipal technical staff responsible for the planning processes.

The wider objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation between public sector and civil society organisations (CSOs).<br />
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The specific objectives are:<br />
i) increasing the capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and CSOs in terms of mutual policy making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; <br />

The overall objective of the project is “To increase administrative capacity at local level in Turkey's EU Accession process.” In line with this objective, the purpose of the project is “To create sustainable structures for exchange between local authorities in Turkey and EU Member States in areas relevant for EU Accession.”<br />
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Pursuant to the overall objective and the purpose, expected results to be achieved by the end of the project are as follows:<br />

The programme's overall objective is to strengthen resilience at local government level in order to improve living conditions of the local population and refugees in host communities and refugee settlements. <br />
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Its purpose is to maintain service delivery levels at local government level and enable longer-term planning for spatial and economic development, in the context of increased urbanization and pressure on resources. <br />
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Primary beneficiaries and target groups:<br />
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