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Without a credible, functioning legal order and responsible, accountable and democratic institutions, countries cannot participate fully in a European Union based on mutual trust and shared interests and values. The project supported government reforms in Albania, Serbia and Turkey in the field of local public security and further integration of reform processes to align with European standards, thereby tackling political and administrative patterns of behaviour to provide EU integration frameworks for policy development. <br />
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Context: This project was designed against the backdrop of the modernisation of public administration that is key for effective implementation of policies, plans and programmes designed to promote growth and to foster economic and social development, which in turn contributes to the reduction of income disparities among and within regions. <br />
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The overall objective of the project is “To increase administrative capacity at local level in Turkey's EU Accession process.” In line with this objective, the purpose of the project is “To create sustainable structures for exchange between local authorities in Turkey and EU Member States in areas relevant for EU Accession.”<br />
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Pursuant to the overall objective and the purpose, expected results to be achieved by the end of the project are as follows:<br />