The wider objective of the project was to build the capacity of local governments in Eastern Equatoria State to translate national level policies to the state and county level in order to develop and better manage the WASH facilities and services and meet local needs in a sustainable manner. In doing this, the infrastructural development efforts under the wider Water for Eastern Equatoria State project (managed by Niras) was strengthened and local governments were institutionally prepared for taking over management responsibilities of provided infrastructure.

The Department Climate, Energy, Environment and Water (DME) of the Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses external expertise in the field of climate, energy, environment, water (including drinking water, sanitation and integrated water), raw materials and food security. Themes such as sustainability (people, planet, profit), international public goods and gender are an integral part of these policy areas. The Facility for the Deployment of External Facility has been established to meet this request for external expertise.