Country South Sudan
Other countries N/a
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 May, 2015 till 31 October, 2016
Field of expertise Improving Access to Basic Services
Policy field(s) Water Management
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in South Sudan
Project code 11345
The wider objective of the project was to build the capacity of local governments in Eastern Equatoria State to translate national level policies to the state and county level in order to develop and better manage the WASH facilities and services and meet local needs in a sustainable manner. In doing this, the infrastructural development efforts under the wider Water for Eastern Equatoria State project (managed by Niras) was strengthened and local governments were institutionally prepared for taking over management responsibilities of provided infrastructure. The primary beneficiaries were Kapoeta South and Kapoeta East counties.

The specific objectives of the project were:
1. Improved functioning of Kapoeta East and Kapoeta South counties WASH departments in service delivery
2. Improved functionality of water systems in Kapoeta East and Kapoeta South counties through Community Managed Water Supply (CMWS) and cost recovery mechanisms

The results of the project were:
1. WASH departments and relevant government actors understoood WASH and other relevant government policies to enable WASH service delivery to communities, more specifically the implementation of community management principles for water supply
2. WASH departments were able to plan, budget, implement and report based on community needs for water service delivery
3. WASH departments had a human resource plan in place that enables them to have sufficient and qualified human resources to provide services to their communities
4. Coordination mechanisms between levels of government were in place to organise WASH service delivery