Country South Sudan
Other countries None
Region Africa
Duration Start 8 August, 2014 till 8 August, 2016
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Public finance
Human resource management
Public finance
Partners Ecorys Nederland B.V.
Funding Delegation of the European Union to South Sudan
Project code 11330
The wider objective of the project was to strengthen public financial management at central, state and local level.

The specific objective of the program was to increase the capacity of local governments to implement and execute existing policies and directives in the fields of payroll and PFM in all 10 states of South Sudan.

The expected results of the project were:

- Individual county/LG staff equipped with skills and knowledge in: (i) LG PFM including planning and budgeting, financial management/accounting and reporting; and (ii) producing an audit trail of
payment of salaries (using the Electronic Payroll system);
- All resources at the County level (local revenue and all transfers) properly used and accounted for, thus ensuring that the Counties are eligible to receive the second tranche of EU SBC, other aid
resources as well as Government transfers;
- The Counties and States are able to provide the required accountabilities for a satisfactory audit of the budget lines targeted by the EU SBC i.e. health and education conditional salary transfers to States
and Counties;
- Counties demonstrate progress in properly using and accounting for all resources (local revenue and all transfers) (according to indicators that are being defined as part of the LSS JPA monitoring
framework) as a basis for increased funding by Government and/or other development partners.

The project contributed to the above mentioned results through:

- Supporting local governments in meeting the requirements of the local government PFM manual;
- Providing state level support for the analysis of current payrolls;
- Supporting county administration departments to properly manage payroll;
- Supporting the establishment and operation of a Country Transfer Monitoring Committee(CTMC)