Country South Sudan
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 January, 2012 till 31 December, 2016
Field of expertise Improving Access to Basic Services
Policy field(s) Local economic development
Inter-municipal co-operation
Institutional development
Water Management
Public policy and planning
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code LG.01.SS
Objective: To strengthen the capacity of local authorities to provide sustainable water and sanitation services (WASH)
Target group: Civil servants at 2 state ministries and in 2 counties in the state of Eastern Equatoria
Intended result: Increased capability of state and county authorities to develop, implement WASH policies and strategies and manage related services for local communities
Activities: Workshops, trainings, on-the-job coaching, study visits

South Sudan is Africa's youngest state. After many years of civil war, the southern part of Sudan gained independence in 2011. The new country faces enormous challenges. For example, the security of the food supply is under pressure and sustainable sanitation facilities for the citizens are, to a great extent, lacking. The enormous backlog in these areas impedes economic and social development. Due to the weak capacity of, inter alia, the local government apparatus, it is primarily international NGOs that provide basic services to the population. Local governments face the challenge of gradually retaking control of these tasks.

The LGCP South Sudan programme concentrates on 2 of the 8 counties and 2 state ministries in Eastern Equatoria State, one of South Sudan's 10 states. The aim of the programme is to enhance the capacity of the local authorities in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene. They are supported in the development of policy and the design of systems for management and maintenance. It is important to realise a financially sustainable approach in
this respect. Identification of appropriate costrecovery mechanisms will feature prominently in the programme.

The LGCP South Sudan programme works on enhancing the capacity of local authorities in the area of water, sanitation facilities and hygiene in Eastern Equatoria State, one of the ten South Sudanese states. Specifically the programme will support the state ministries of Housing & Public Utilities and of Local Government and the counties of Torit and Kapoeta North in:
- translating national WASH policy and strategy to policies and strategies at the local level;
- Identifying cost-recovery mechanisms that will sustain WASH services and infrastructure.
Furthermore, the programme supports awareness raising on the part of the population and lobbying among decision makers. It also facilitates cooperation between the various government layers. With this the LGCP South
Sudan aligns with the policy of the South Sudanese central government and with the water programme of the Netherlands embassy.

What do we want to achieve?
- Enhanced capacity among the selected ministries and counties to develop sustainable policy and strategies for water, sanitation and hygiene services.
- Enhanced capacity among the selected ministries and counties to implement that policy and related strategies.