Country South Sudan
Region Africa
Duration Start 25 April, 2016 till 31 March, 2019
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Civil society
Partners Ecorys Nederland B.V.
INTRAC & AKVO are sub contractors
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in South Sudan
Project code 11357
The goal of the CSF was to contribute to improved citizen voice and accountability for national development and poverty reduction. Through capacity building support to civil society organizations, the anticipated long-term impact is that citizens are empowered to express their views and demand their rights for responsive and inclusive decision-making with transparent and accountable development processes. The four main result achieved are:
(1) CSOs have become stronger organisations;
(2) CSOs have deepen linkages with citizens and build constituencies;
(3) CSOs are now working together at county, state and national level;
(4) CSOs and government are working together in demand-led dialogues.

These results have been achieved through t he implementation of a variety of mechanisms (capacity building, mentoring, implementation of voice and accountability initiatives, peer learning and exchange) available through a competitive fund arrangement for South Sudanese Civil Society Organisations.