Country South Africa
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 January, 2017 till 31 December, 2018
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Water Management
Institutional development
Intergovernmental relations
Funding Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO
Project code 11364
In South Africa, the water sector is currently being revised, whereby the water regulating role is being decentralised to newly to be established organizations called Catchment Management Agencies (CMAs). The Kingfisher II Programme 2017-2018, as a follow up to Kingfisher I (2012- 2016) aims to support nine Catchment Management Agencies in their water regulating role to improve water governance at local level and thereby create a platform for innovative solutions. This would in turn enhance economic development in a sustainable manner.

The wider objective of the project is improved economic development and integrated water resource management in South Africa
The specific objective is 9 CMAs are undertaking action to deliver on their water regulating role at catchment level
The expected results of the project are:
Result 1: Increased capacity of nine (proto) Catchment Management Agencies (CMAs) to deliver on their water regulating role at catchment level (institutional development)
Result 2: Increased capacity of (proto) Catchment Management Agencies (CMAs) to enhance their cooperative governance with Local Governments and to engage with relevant sectors, like agriculture and mining, thereby exploring the opportunities for Dutch private sector involvement

Result 1 is funded by the Netherlands Water Bank (NWB), Result 2 is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)- The total is referred to the Kingfisher Programme