Siebe Stellingwerf

Project Manager - Business Unit Europe, Middle East and North Africa

With a Masters degree in Economic of Public Policy, Siebe worked on his expertise in tax policy and tax administration at PwC and Ecorys. Starting his career as a trainee at the OECD, Siebe has developed extensive interest in international development and diplomacy. At VNG International, he works on Local Taxation projects, both at the project management side as contributing to the content of the projects. 

His dream? To engage in a world wide movement of accountable and transparent government, to which citizens and businesses are happy to pay taxes!

The world is build on tax money. Some 10.000 years ago, the agricultural revolution provided the world with an economic surplus that gave rise to bureaucracy and civilizations, paid by tax money. Today, our tax experts help governments worldwide in asking a fair contribution to their citizens, that provides for accountable and transparent government and services.