Country Palestine
Other countries -
Region Middle East
Duration Start 1 September, 2014 till 31 August, 2016
Policy field(s) Public policy and planning
Human resource management
Institutional development
Post-conflict reconstruction
Project management
Partners Human Dynamics
ACE International Consultants
Funding European Commission (DG EuropeAid)
Project code 11333
The wider objective of the project is to further enhance the PA's policy and institutional capacities as well as to assist the relevant ministries in planning, monitoring, and managing EU funded projects in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and in the Gaza Strip; and, as part of the EU-PA cooperation, to support policy dialogue in the context of the EU-PA Joint action Plan.

The specific objectives are: 1. To improve the speed, the quality, the accountability and aid effectiveness of EU aid to the PA; 2. To improve PA's capacities in policy and project cycle management and in institutional development through the provision of technical assistance to line ministries/authorities, involved in the long term planning as well as in the day to day management of EU aid in West Bank/East Jerusalem and in the Gaza Strip.

The expected results of the project are: 1. The capacity of the PA in institution building and development is increased ; 2. The capacity of the PA in designing, planning, implementing, supervising, monitoring and evaluating programmes, in accordance with the EU specific implementation modalities and principles of sound financial management as per the EU legal framework, is increased; 3. The capacity of the PA to effectively absorb EU aid is enhanced, the implementation of the Financing Agreements and other instruments is improved; 4. The capacity of the PA to effectively coordinate with its line ministries/authorities is increased; 5. The coordination between the Ministry of Finance/PA, the EU and other donors is improved; 6. The PA accountability is improved; 7. The capacity in the PA to run (administer) policy dialogue in the context of the ENP process is increased.