The last five years we worked with the local governments in the city of Pathein (Myanmar), Sèmè-Podji (Benin) and Pereira (Colombia) on a series of interventions improving waste management. A lot has been done in relation to the cooperation of the municipalities with other stakeholders, and therewith achieving tangible results for waste pickers, recyclers and the inhabitants. In this Webinar, as part of the VNG International, Governance of Inclusive Green Growth in Cities (DEALS) programme, Ms. Anne-Lies Risseeuw facilitates the presentation of what has been done and critically questions the key issues. Ms. Htee Ku Naw, Mr. Robert Meerman and Mr. Felipe Vásquez share their experiences and perspectives on the progress achieved. We collected data on waste management in the cities, gained insights and wrote these down in articles with access for free for the cities themselves to keep on learning and other local governments to compare themselves with and make their own steps.


Ms. Risseeuw in the VNG Studio