DEALS PereiraDEALS Pereira

I guess it is very fair that most appreciation was given to our databank with photos of waste recyclers in Pereira Colombia at our stakeholder feedback session last Thursday September 16. The photos, made by photographer Alexis Múnera, are very good. The photos tell the story of real people, men and women, that collect paper, glass, plastics, textiles and more for recycling. The photos show the recyclers’ care for their animals, their work and the environment. We only support their work in cooperation with all stakeholders who care and have a role to play. That we call integrated governance. We saved the best for last, so please walk through the slides with numbers, maps, graphs and tables, to appreciate also the many other activities the VNG International DEALS team make happen in Pereira and in the end to see for who they do that.

Slides of the feedback session
Brochure on the 2021 DEALS activities in Pereira
Both include photos