MueveThe project MUEVE in Costa Rica started in difficult times, in the midst of a global pandemic. The project revolves around the cooperation of 15 municipalities in Costa Rica in the Metropolitan area on future proof urban mobility. It is implemented by the UNGL, the association of municipalities of Costa Rica, together with the Spanish Municipality of Fomento San Sebastian, and VNG International, the association of Dutch municipalities. Adapting to this current situation with the impossibility to travel and have physical exchanges, the project starts off with a series of webinars with experts from around the world to give valuable input on intermunicipal cooperation. The first in this series has been organized by Fomento San Sebastian, and presented by Prof. Manuel Zafra Víctor, and our associated expert Alfonso García.

You can re-watch the webinar here (in Spanish). In January we will have the honour to organize our own webinar with different examples of intermunicipal cooperation from the Netherlands.