Pathein“The Ward Support and Cleaning Group in Ward 7 has been taking more initiative, and that is good. It took a while before they started to, but now it has improved. That is good because we can share the responsibility,” according to U Kyaw Soe, Deputy Director of Pathein municipality. It is day two of the multi-stakeholder workshop organised by VNG International. It is the second multi-stakeholder workshop on inclusive governance, and participants joined from all over Pathein to address the pressing issue of waste management.

The series of multi-stakeholder modules are the first platform where participants discuss waste issues collectively. Besides Pathein municipality, stakeholder such as the Department of Social Welfare and civil society organisations Clean Pathein and ATAA (Ayeyarwady Transparency and Accountability Association) were present. The participants experimented together on using multi-stakeholder tools, such as organising focus group discussions and conducting citizen surveys.

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