Myanmar COVID-19During this uncertain period many of the private companies’ and office staff work from home. But as a service provider for its citizens, the Pathein municipality continues to fulfil their duty day and night. They are frontline soldiers. We all know we need to fight this enemy with each and everyone’s participation. The pandemic is not a solely a government’s responsibility – it is every human being individual’s responsibility. 

In Pathein the municipality, the Myanmar police force, the Myanmar fire brigade, township and ward youngsters, ward administrators, CSOs like Clean Pathein, University students, medical staff, the Ayeyarwady regional government and Hluttaw all do their utmost best. But it will never be enough without individual citizen participation.

Myanmar COVID-19In order to support the municipality in the important role it plays during a crisis like this, the DEALS Pathein project supported the municipality to initiate an awareness campaign and install public sinks, pipe lines and water tanks at twelve markets in Pathein city. The municipality initiated an awareness raising campaign on how to wash hands in a proper manner via social media. Furthermore, WHOs’ COVID-19 prevention vinyl and Pathein Municipality’s vinyl on hand washing practises were hung in all the markets. To continue, with the help of loud speakers, the municipality informed citizens about washing hands public areas. Moreover, they went into the wards and explained to citizens about the importance of hand washing practices to prevent the virus from spreading. Municipal staff received a health awareness programme and citizens’ temperature is measures when they come to the municipality for paying taxes or other services.

The hand washing campaign is not a one-time-only action. The municipality continues the announcements via speakers in the public area and on social media.

In terms of stakeholder cooperation Pathein municipality is a spider in the web, coordinating with many different stakeholders to protect their citizens. They requested donations of private companies to purchase hand gel. Together with the CSO Clean Pathein, the police force, Pathein University and medical staffs a quarantine location in Pathein University is set up.

Our objective goes beyond sinks and soap. We aim to safe lives and to live in a clean, green and healthy society.

By: Ms Naw Htee Ku Paw – DEALS Pathein City Focal Person