Corona virus3 months ago, we looked at China combating the Corona virus outbreak and considered it an Asian challenge. Even when it hit Italy, we were still hopeful it would not reach us. Meanwhile, our societies are under the spell of the Corona virus. From The Hague to Delhi, from Lima to Kigali, we are all beginning to acknowledge the unfolding impact of this pandemic. Alongside our national governments and our health-heroes, local governments are playing a crucial role in coping with the crisis. Addressing the most urgent needs and adapting to the new circumstances. Like our challenges at home having a meeting with 10 colleagues via ZOOM while picking up some home-schooling of our kids, and HomePartying with friends after, municipalities’ challenges are also multitude. Can the Council adopt digital decision-making? How do we ensure everyone understands the latest measures? Also the foreign speakers and analphabetic? How to organise marriages at the City Hall – with restrictions or cancel the most important day of people’s life ? These days, at VNG International we are working our buds off to facilitate the peer-learning between the Netherlands and the countries we work in. Because we can only do this together.