Noa Anzion

Project Manager - Business Unit East & Southern Africa

Noa is a Dutch national who is interested in creating solutions to help underprivileged people in conflict situations, intercultural relations, sexual violence and trauma healing. Before joining VNG International, she did an internship at VNG International as well as at a local organization in Bogota called “Fundamil”. In Colombia, she supported victims of sexual violence in their daily life. Noa has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations & International Organisation from the University of Groningen (2016-2019) and a Master “Global Order in Historical Perspective” from the University of Leiden, where she wrote her thesis on Restorative Justice regarding Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in South Sudan. Noa is able to speak Dutch, English and Spanish. 

VNG International enables me to un-learn limiting conditions to share the essence of human life