Country Myanmar
Region Asia
Duration Start 1 February, 2015 till 30 April, 2018
Policy field(s) Institutional development
Intergovernmental relations
Post-conflict reconstruction
Public policy and planning
Funding Delegation of the European Union to Myanmar
Project code 11339
The overall aim of the action was to support the development of participatory and accountable local governance in Myanmar. This aim was achieved through an innovative and focused approach targeting key stakeholders in TR region.

Specific objective 1: Enhanced capacities of local authorities (LAs) of TR in participatory development planning and accountable financial management processes.
Specific objective 2: Strengthened active engagement and dialogue between LAs, local civil society (including women and youth) and business associations in ways that fostered public participation, transparency, accountability and communication.
Specific objective 3: Promoted in-country knowledge of and support for participatory and accountable local governance through development and dissemination of sustainable and innovative models, tools, research and resource materials.

Result 1: Enhanced capacity of LAs in public and municipal administration, participatory development planning and accountable financial management; two functioning training centers and mobile training initiated; linkages strengthened with other LAs.
Result 2: Increased shared understanding, improved capacity and stronger cooperation between LAs, CSOs and business associations (including women and youth) in participatory and accountable local governance; enhanced capacity and implementation of accountability and transparency mechanisms; improved communication/information between LAs, key stakeholders and the public.
Result 3: Training materials, research and publications on participatory local governance developed and accessible; local trainers capable of conducting trainings in good local governance; enhanced support for participatory local governance and accountable local democracy in Myanmar.

This project was implemented in cooperation with the Loka Ahlinn Social Development Network (LASDN).