Country Jordan
Other countries -
Region Middle East
Duration Start 18 August, 2016 till 17 July, 2019
Field of expertise Involving Citizens in Decision Making
Policy field(s) Public policy and planning
Institutional development
Intergovernmental relations
Project management
Public finance
Partners Human Dynamics
Oxford Policy Management
Funding Delegation of the European Union to Jordan
Project code 11358
The wider objective of the project was to support public finance and public administration reforms aiming to enhance accountability and public service delivery through improved Government performance. Thereby contributing to the objective of "Reinforcing the rule of law for enhanced accountability and equity in public service delivery'" in the component 1 of the Single Support Framework (SSF) 2014-2017 between the EU and Jordan.

The specific objective was to directly support the specific objectives of the Ministry of Public Sector Development in the implementation of its "Government Performance Development Programme" 2013-2016, which aims at enhancing public services provided to citizens, enhancing transparency and accountability and performance in the public sector. Of the six pillars of the Ministry of Public Sector Development's programme, the present programme contributes directly to the following:
- Second Pillar: Government streamlining
- Third Pillar: developing government services and simplifying procedures
- Fourth Pillar: Strengthening supervision, regulation, accountability and transparency

In order to achieve an overall improvement in public service delivery, the project targeted four components or activities:
Activity 1: Sector Restructuring and Realignment
Activity 2: Rationalisation of Regulatory Commissions
Activity 3: Service Delivery Reengineering and Design of Shared Services
Activity 4: The Voice of the Citizen
Activity 5: Communication and Visibility Activities