Irene Oostveen

Senior Business Developer - Business Unit Europe, Asia & Latin America

International senior business developer in the field of local and regional governments. Over 19 years of experience within the Association of Netherlands Municipalities in business development, acquisition, contract management, financial management, project formulation and planning, activity implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation, baseline studies and institutional assessments. Currently implementing programmes in the field of urban development (Costa Rica), cadaster (Colombia), resilient infrastructure and climate change (Dominican Republic), and water, digitalization and green transitions (worldwide). Master’s degree in International Relations and Organizations from Groningen University. Broad academic background (Economics, International Law, History, Sociology, Theory of International Relations, and Spanish Language). Facilitator.

I love to take inspiration from Dutch local governance practices for my work abroad and it is fascinating to learn about governance practices in countries all over the world. It makes that my days are never the same.