Mar 26, 2020

With numbers of confirmed cases and deaths due to the COVID-19 virus still rising every day in the Netherlands, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities is playing a vital role as linking pin between its members, the central government and other organisations. Many umbrella organisations (e.g. sport unions, hotels and restaurants, entrepreneurs) are reaching out to the VNG, asking to address issues together. Our stance is to cooperate where possible, e.g. by disseminating information to the members etc. 

Moreover, the VNG is playing an important role in two national multi-stakeholder platforms, directed at steering the crisis effectively. 

In these times of crisis, the VNG finds it important to share approaches, good practices and lessons learnt with the international community, through VNG International. Therefore, we now make the VNG approach of March 2020 available to all, in English, please find it here and in French, please find it here. We stand ready to support other association of local governments in developing their crisis response, while still learning on the job ourselves. Please reach out to VNG International if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration and/or for information exchange.

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