Country Ethiopia
Region Africa
Duration Start 21 September, 2012 till 31 December, 2018
Field of expertise Involving Citizens in Decision Making
Policy field(s) Civil society
Fund management
Poverty alleviation
Public policy and planning
Partners GOPA-Consultants
Funding Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia
Project code 11301
The wider objective of the project is to increase and improve Non State Actors (NSA) role in the national development and democratisation process in Ethiopia. To this effect, CSF II will
provide grant and non-grant support to beneficiary civil society organisations so as to strengthen their resource capacities, their constituency, accountability and sustainability of operations, and hence, to increase their participation and contribution in key areas of governance and socioeconomic development.

The specific objective of the CSF II is to increase NSAs capacity to engage in governance and development activities.

The following three results are anticipated from successful implementation of the Programme:
1. Increased human, material and technical capacity of NSAs to engage in governance and development;
2. Increased sustainability, accountability and constituency of NSAs working on governance and development; and
3. More effective and efficient delivery of services in the governance and development sectors.