Country Egypt
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 April, 2015 till 31 July, 2018
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Public policy and planning
Institutional development
Partners Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA)
Funding Delegation of the European Union to Egypt
Project code 11338
Overall Objective:
The overall objective of the Action was to support the Government of Egypt in its efforts to develop and apply good governance principles which should be reflected in improved services to the Egyptian citizens and deepened citizens' engagement at local levels.

Specific Objectives of the project were:
1-Strengthening the capacity of the Government of Egypt to improve and measure performance of administrations delivering public services to citizens.
2-Supporting the Government of Egypt to reinforce its capacity to perform successfully its decentralization process and in particular to develop local administration's skills and competencies for policy planning, budgeting and reengineering of procedures in order to ensure better quality of services, efficiency and transparency.

Objective 1 and 2 have been translated into the following 2 interrelated results:

Result 1 (linked to Objective 1) - Capacities of the Egyptian Government to improve and measure performance of administrations delivering public services have been upgraded.
1.1 Overall performance of public services (construction, shop and bilboard services) is improved in line with European and international best practices.
2.1 National and sectorial guidelines of services' governance principles, standards and quality measures have been upgraded / developed.

Result 2 (linked to Objective 2) - National capacities to perform successfully local development and decentralisation processes have been strengthened
2.1 Institutional and human capacities of the Sakkara Training Centre (STC) and of up to three local training centers in the governorates of Minia, Ismailia, Monfeya have been strengthened.
2.2 Central and local administration and relevant local development stakeholders have been capacitated to plan, coordinate, and execute local development and decentralisation, in particular integrated local planning.
2.3 National capacities to raise public awareness and to improve citizens' engagement in local and community development have been upgraded.