Country Egypt
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 June, 2019 till 30 November, 2019
Field of expertise Involving Citizens in Decision Making
Policy field(s) Training and Education
Funding UN Women Egypt
Project code 11049.142
The wider objective of the project is increasing women representation in political and public life by building the capacity of the Egyptian National Council for Women (NCW)

This is done by providing a intensive capacity building programme for mid- and high level managers that consists of 8 thematic workshops on the following topics:

-strategic planning
-policy analysis
-Communication, Negotiation, and Presentation skills
-Proposal & Project Writing
-Result Based Management (RBM)

These workshops are complemented by a ToT training programme for staff of the NCW. Based on the assessment of the capacities of trainers nominated by the NCW, and the trainers' progress throughout the implementation of the capacity building program, our ToT experts will define and adjust the topics, exercises and focus points. The objective is to ensure the trainers have the capacity to deliver high-quality training to the NCW central and local staff on topics that pertain to the implementation of the NSWE2030 (which are mostly covered in the aforementioned training workshops)