Covid-19 coronaThe COVID-19 crisis is having a deep impact on local governance around the world. The outbreak has a profound effect on local public health, an unprecedented impact on local economies around the world and it magnifies existing social issues, including inequality. In some contexts, the crisis undermines local public order, where specifically developing and fragile countries may see the crisis disrupt local democratic processes. VNG International and local partners are quickly adapting to the new COVID-19 context, thereby trying to contribute to solutions for the problems mentioned before and, ultimately, at building back better. Find more information on our COVID-19 activities, approaches and products on this webpage. 

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CriT: Crisis and Transition Support UnitcriT

The COVID-19 crisis means that local governments worldwide face a novel and large-scale emergency. Apart from the immediate threat to the health of staff and citizens, they need to watch over safety in the public space, show leadership and ensure continuity of their internal operations as well as of the services to citizens. Public leaders are expected to be prepared for crises, provide a comprehensive response, communicate to the public, and act as crisis professionals who balance the interests of the general public, media, the political arena, regional and national government levels. Big questions also loom about the period after: which transitions will be called for in the longer term, and how can we use the crisis to become more resilient?

VNG International aims to help the municipalities and subnational governments to rise to these challenges and has therefore set up CriT. CriT is an online COVID-19 crisis management back office through which Dutch expertise is shared with foreign local governments to strengthen their crisis response and turn towards resilience building. It helps both technical and governance aspects of managing the COVID-19 crisis locally. 

CriT’s expert pool of Dutch crisis management experts and Mayors gives tailor-made on COVID-19 related crisis management issues to beneficiaries through videoconference. In a colleague-to-colleague setup, the experts advise, coach and support. Addressing needs of both political and technical staff, themes can be: communication in a crisis, coordinating and cooperating with other levels of government, public leadership and dealing with local civil society, operational continuity, risk management, scenario planning and so on. The back office does not provide medical or sanitary advices.

Currently use of CriT is restricted to VNG International’s running projects. Contact Eline Vermeer for more information. 

VNG International’s suggested reading with regard to COVID-19

Have you lost track of all the different COVID-19 resources and websites? VNG International has created a COVID-19 reading list, full of interesting articles, policy briefs and webpages, which might be of use when working on (inter)national or local recovery plans. The list is non-exhaustive and will be complemented frequently.

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