Country Burundi
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 January, 2012 till 31 December, 2016
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Local economic development
Inter-municipal co-operation
Institutional development
Public policy and planning
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code LG.01.BI
Objective: Improving food security by strengthening local democracy
Target group: The association of Burundian local governments ABELO and their local governments
Intended result: Enhanced capacity of the association and the affiliated local governments in the area of land registration, family planning and the functioning of local administrators
Activities: On-the-job coaching and training

After years of violent conflicts, Burundi is now working on a stable, democratic and more prosperous future. But, in this respect, it is facing a great number of challenges. Land is scarce in the small, densely-populated Burundi. Land registration is important for sustainable agricultural production and prevents conflicts. Health care is another challenge, particularly when it comes to sexual education and women's rights. Local governments have a clear role to play in these areas. But, partly because of a lack of knowledge and experience, they hardly get around to playing this role. The proper and democratic functioning of local government councils and of individual councillors is also of decisive importance for the future security, stability and reconstruction.

young organisation
Local governments in Burundi have asked the Association Burundaise des Elus Locaux (ABELO) for support in the execution of local government tasks. The problem is that the national association is itself still a young organisation, which does not have the necessary capacity. The LGCP Burundi programme supports ABELO, so that it is better able to assist its members in the aforementioned areas land registration, family planning, functioning of councillors.

The LGCP Burundi programme intends to enhance ABELO's capacity and via this national association that of its members (local governments) in the area of land registration, family planning and the functioning of councillors and local government councils. Local governments are deemed to play a central role in the introduction of a new, decentralised land registration system. However, they are lacking the necessary knowledge and experience and so ABELO will support them in this respect. The organisation will also seek to promote that local governments play a more active role in providing information on family planning and combating sexual violence. Finally, ABELO will educate (new) local councillors in their democratic duties.

What do we want to achieve?
- ABELO has the capacity to formulate a strategic plan for the period 2012-2016, in conjunction with the affiliated local governments.
- The organisation is able to offer the necessary training and support to the local governments in the area of land registration and family planning.
- ABELO has the capacity to offer the affiliated local governments specific support by means of regular contact, and to facilitate exchanges between the local governments.