Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Other countries Burundi
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 October, 2012 till 31 December, 2016
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Post-conflict reconstruction
Partners CILC, Center for International Legal Cooperation
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code 11295
This programme aimed to increase the performance of public administration, police and justice system at local level and to restore the interaction between these state elements and society, among state and non-state institutions, creating a positive development spiral. Enhanced performance contributed to increased confidence in state elements, reinforcing state legitimacy, decreasing popular discontent and diminishing the urge to “take the law into one's own hands”. This contributed significantly to human security and promoting rule of law in the target regions and contributed to breaking the vicious cycle of conflict.

The programme introduced Cordaid's Performance Based Finance (PBF) approach and supported legitimate governments at local level to enable them to carry out their most essential tasks related to human security, by offering them performance contracts. The institutes were financially rewarded for their performance and achieved the autonomy to spend their gained income in accordance with their own plan of action.

The programme also introduced the VNG approach of 'benchmarking' as another tool for improving performance and for encouraging horizontal cooperation. In benchmarking, the vertical accountability is absent. Instead, the participating units (communes, or police stations, or tribunaux de residence) are interested in learning from each other. With that aim, they collect and share data, compare and analyse them together, not to see who is best, but to see how each of them can learn from the others to further improve performance.

The programme was carried out in the African Great Lakes Region in 6 communes in the provinces Cibitoke and Bujumbura Rural of Burundi and in four territoires in the province of South Kivu of DR Congo.

The achieved results of the project are:

Outcome 1: The involved representatives of the general public, Civil Society Organisations and State institutes at local level jointly defined the main security issues for men and/or women of their respective territoires in DRC or communes in Burundi.

Outcome 2: By the end of the programme period the performance of the involved state and non-state institutions in all intervention zones has increased with at least 30%

Outcome 3: The sense of women's influence in security provision in the intervention zone has considerably improved amongst women and men.