Henri ten BroekeHenri started his professional career in the 80s as a business analyst for municipalities, utility companies and water control boards. He was responsible for the integration of processes and information systems of several of these organizations.

In 2000 Henri switched to the Ministry of Finance and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA). He was the lead architect for the biggest business change program of the DTCA, the modernization of the revenue collection processes and supporting IT.

Starting in 2013 Henri has been working on several modernization projects supporting tax administrations (national and local) in different countries such as Mozambique, Ghana and Peru.

Since January 2018 he is working as business architect and senior programme manager local taxes for VNG International (the international department of the Association of Municipalities in the Netherlands) to develop and implement a collection led methodology and tooling to improve local tax revenues and public services. Examples are the Ghana TREE (Tax Revenues for Economic Enhancement) project, the decentralisation of property tax project in the Palestinian Territories and the water pricing project in Ethiopia.