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Egypt, Technical Assistance to the Integrated and Sustainable Community Development Programme

The overall objective of the TA operation is to contribute to improvement in the quality of shelter and more general enhancement in living conditions for the urban poor, and the creation of employment opportunities for the latter. Although the focus is primarily urban, other spatially disadvantaged communities are not excluded. The purpose of the TA…

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Region Middle East

Country Egypt

Area of Expertise Municipal Management

Egyptian and Dutch water company directors exchange views

Twelve directors of Egyptian water service providers visited several water companies and organisations linked to the Dutch water sector between 5 and 9 October 2009. The main purpose of the visit was to experience firsthand how this sector is being managed and organised in the Netherlands and to explore possibilities for Egypt. Based on a…

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Type News

Elections in Haiti, this year?

I ‘m in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for the half-yearly coordination meeting with the partners in our project to support the redevelopment of municipal services after the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Not an easy environment to work in, but there is progress. Listening to people and following what’s going on in the country, one big issue…

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Empowering communities for local development in Myanmar

The NCDDP is now in its fourth cycle, the project is active in almost 8,800 villages, benefitting 5.2 million people  across the country. VNG International provides jobs for almost 200 Myanmar people, inter alia,  with the township offices in each of the four townships consisting of five key experts and a group of approximately 20…

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Empowering Refugee Hosting Districts in Uganda; Making the Nexus Work

Uganda saw a huge influx of refugees escaping conflict and famine, doubling Uganda’s refugee population to an estimated 1.4 million refugees; over 1.000.000 of whom are South Sudanese and the number is still rising. The mass influx over the last year, is placing an enormous strain on the already stressed ability of District Local Governments…

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Region Africa

Country Uganda

Area of Expertise Governance

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