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Congo, Consortium for the Integrated Stabilisation and Peace of Eastern DRC

The Consortium’s overall objective is to improve the security and overall stabilization of the intervention zones. This is addressed through inclusive dialogue structures that address drivers of conflict and support social cohesion and through policies that improve the functioning of key state institutions and reinforce state legitimacy. The overall objective will be supported by the…

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Region Africa

Country Democratic Republic of the Congo

Area of Expertise Peace Building and Reconstruction

CONNECT – a new exchange mechanism developed by PLATFORMA and VNG International

CONNECT aims to provide a quick and adequate response to towns and regions in partner countries looking for a specific expertise. Therefore, PLATFORMA and VNG International are looking for European municipalities interested in engaging municipal practitioners in short-term exchanges with their peers from municipalities in Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana or Uganda throughout March and April 2017….

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CONNECT is looking for municipal experts in waste management and water supply

The municipality of Ziniaré (Burkina Faso) and the Moroto District (Uganda) need short-term assistance, for water supply and waste management issues respectively. Interested European local and regional governmentsshould apply as soon as possible.The CONNECT team presents two new opportunities to exchange expertise among colleagues. Based on their concrete requests for assistance, CONNECT has selected the…

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Consortium applies new approach to Security and Stabilisation in Eastern DRC

Although a regional peace agreement was signed in 2013, conflict continues in Eastern DRC.  The Congolese people face hardship and insecurity and after decades of armed conflict, the ability of the state to respond has eroded.  Issues such as land rights and ethnicity add to these problems and perpetuate cycles of conflict and insecurity. As…

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Construyendo un futuro próspero:

Del 2 al 4 de abril se llevó a cabo el “Encuentro internacional – Construcción de paz: democracia local y justicia comunitaria en Colombia y Centroamérica” en la Ciudad de Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, en el marco del proyecto De Frágil a Estable: construcción de paz en Colombia y Guatemala 2012. Dicho encuentro fue organizado por las…

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