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Blog by Arne Musch – Iraqi Kurdistan

These are troubling times. The recent takeover of disputed areas by Iraq’s central government have been rocking the local administrations to their core. Add to this an economic crisis plus a displacement crisis, and it is easy to see how Dahuk’s urban space is strained to the point of failing to support the people in…

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Blog by Gerrit Jan Schep: New in the hood

During the first weeks in Zamalek (our new hood in Cairo), I really felt like an alien sometimes. Piercing eyes everywhere. What’s that stranger doing here? While walking around, it seemed like everybody was looking at me as I were a rare animal species. Curiosity all over, but no questions asked. The language barrier had…

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Blog on Study Visit Lebanon & Libya

Last week I assisted in guiding delegations from Lebanon and Libya. Young Talents from Lebanon and mayors and councillors from Libya visited multiple municipalities in the Netherlands to encounter the possibilities there are to develop municipal policy in Libya and Lebanon on topics as efficient waste management and social initiatives. My week started with the…

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Bonjour les Dealers ! …

A nickname that can lead to some confusion when used in an inappropriate setting (at immigration for instance). But in this context, this turned out to be quite a compliment to acknowledge the team spirit that is growing between the members of the focal team. This team spirit is a good first result of the…

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Breakthrough moment for structural assistance in strengthening Palestinian municipal union

As mayor of Ramallah, Mr Hadeed is the acting chairman of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities, or APLA in short. In the agreement, APLA and VNG International commit themselves to work together in order to strengthen APLA and make sure it reaches its full potential as representative organization of Palestinian municipalities. The Palestinian  Minister…

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