Inclusive Decisions At Local Level (IDEAL)

Inclusive DEcisions At Local Level (IDEAL 2017-2021)

VNG International has starteideal - EN-01 (002)d a new 5-year program on the 1st of January 2017, funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department for Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid), to promote legitimacy and social cohesion at the local level in 7 countries: Burundi, Mali, Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Somaliland, South Sudan and Uganda. In doing so, the program aims to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 16: “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels”.

We share the widely held view, expressed by OECD and many other organisations, that weak capacity or political will of state institutions to carry out basic governance functions in an effective and inclusive manner and to develop mutually constructive relations with the population is among the most significant causes of fragility and instability. The absence of a functioning ‘social contract‘ between state and citizens reduces prospects of human security, poverty reduction, sustainable social and economic development and proper management of public and natural resources.

The programme, Inclusive DEcisions At Local Level (IDEAL), aspires to strengthen local government structures so that they can cope more effectively with local and national level fragility risks. This will be achieved through (1) more responsive and effective public service delivery by local authorities; (2) more inclusive and transparent decision-making processes at the local level; and (3) concerted actions by local government associations to lobby for improved operating space for local governments. VNG International will target local governments (and their associations) to achieve the programme outcomes, whilst seeking cooperation with citizens and other relevant local, national and international actors.

IDEAL will build on the achievements and lessons learned of its predecessor, the Local Government Capacity Programme (LGCP), which came to a conclusion in December 2016.

Furthermore, a learning team will accumulate, analyze and disseminate learning on key features of the IDEAL programme, for example on how to promote local government legitimacy in fragile areas.

The IDEAL programme will report according to the International Aid Transparency Initiative guidelines. Its IATI pages and program website will soon be published and available online.

For further information on IDEAL you can contact the IDEAL overall program manager by e-mail: Nicole Ward-Boot.


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