Turkey: improving participatory local investment planning

Provincial investment proposals are amongst the most importanttulip_logo elements of the investment planning process in Turkey. A strong capacity for plan preparation and implementation is necessary for the provincial investment proposals to be prepared rationally. In order to strengthen the capacity for local investment plan preparation and implementation, the project aims to address the following elements:

  • Research and analysis: increasing the qualifications of the planning actors;
  • Planning: establishing structures for local investment planning
  • Collaboration and coordination among planning actors: determining standards of coordination;
  • Enhancing participation: increasing and ensuring participation.

The project will provide a genuine attempt to introduce a new approach for investment planning at the local level and with involvement of local stakeholders in Turkey. As such, it aims to create an enabling environment that will facilitate the empowerment of local stakeholders in the process of participatory investment planning and thus to overcome the tradition of top-down procedures of the central government. Improving the capacity of local public administration in investment planning and sound coordination among stakeholders is achieved through training programmes on participatory planning, inter-agency coordination of investment planning processes, preparation of feasibility reports, project management, monitoring and evaluation. To ensure active participation of local actors in the investment planning process, international study visits, and awareness raising workshops are organised, working group structures established, and provincial investment proposals prepared and developed. This 2-years project is implemented in 3 pilot provinces: Erzurum, Mardin and Trabzon as well as in Ankara.000
The project runs until November 2016.

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